Update – 5/24/16

Hi again,

As you’ll notice, we have a blog now!  We’ve been continuing to work on the ad placements so I decided to include a CoinURL ad slot in addition to the existing Adbit.co ones.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on CoinURL to see how their service helps because they only allow one of their slots on a page, when I have not found any such restriction on Adbit.co.   We will also continue to pursue other venues.

What about SolveMedia?

We’re still having problems with SolveMedia’s CAPTCHA because though the site’s account is set for revenue, we haven’t had any of their corresponding CAPTCHAs populate since Saturday.  This is becoming worrisome because this has been the vast majority of the site’s revenue to date.  I put in a support ticket late yesterday but have not received a response yet.  In the meantime, I replaced the existing CAPTCHA with a new SolveMedia CAPTCHA to see if that would help. Fingers crossed!

We’re on another rotator!

In addition to being on Faucetbox’s rotator list, we’ve been accepted into the faucet rotator on iFaucet.net! We are excited about this development because they are a popular faucet site, which hosts rotators for a number of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin, and the red-hot etherium.  We’re also becoming interested in seeing the breakdown in LeagueBTC’s volume origination, like Faucetbox vs. iFaucet to see how we can optimize our efforts to both keep our returning user-base and grow our rankings in the existing rotators.

Until next time!

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